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Kristin's Favorite Pieces

And I actually thought there would be a pocket watch. 
Despite the lack of the pocket watch (it's actually a necklace), these ensembles feature scarlet very strategically and prettily, I might say! The addition of the blazer on the right makes the look more put-together and complete, along with the shoe choice. As for the one on the left, I do love the skirt a lot along with the cardigan. Too girly? Yeah, I think so, too. 
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Musée des Arts Décoratifs Skirt

Musée des Arts Décoratifs Skirt

The ensemble on the left seems appropriate for school (for a report, that is. It's not that I wouldn't be caught dead with this. It's just that it might be too put-together for me. Ha.). The ensemble on the right? Not so much. With those tights and the sparkly shoes? Not so sure with those. But aside from that, there's nothing more I could say. Looks sweet, right?

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Thought # 24092470: Be the Creature.

I am a creature of shame and guilt. There is good within me, but only little of it. I have lied, cheated, and stolen. I have hated with a fury; I have done some very despicable things. I am a creature of self-loathing. 
I don't know why I still feel these things. Maybe it's because I could never shake off this concept of God and sin that a lot of people have--and that is, (a) God as an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent god who judges and (b) this system of ultimate good and evil. Based on that system, if I have done what reflects the ultimate evil, I am wrong (and need to be redeemed). Yes, that's probably it. 
I have this twisted guilt complex that I can never let go of, and I think nothing can free me from it. 
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Daisy About You Dress

Daisy About You Dress

I don't know if it's the color or the femininity of the ensemble that completely caught my attention, but these have captured my heart! Some items are a tad bit too pricey for me, though. Wonder where I could find alternatives for them, hey. Oh, well. Off to the seas!

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Fanmix: Things We Can't Recall

After a few months of work and a few hours of working on a haphazard fanmix cover, I finally have my first ever House/Cuddy fanmix, inspired by what I know of their college years. It's entitled "Things We Can't Recall", because what they might have had in the past may have been forgotten in lieu of pain (duh, the break-up. It still hurts.)

I divided the fanmix into different phases that sort of document the progress of their relationship at that certain point in time. Enjoy!

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I might be getting myself a headache. Wait. Scratch that. Legislators might be giving me a headache. 

Recently, certain senators have been butting heads over the Reproductive Health Bill (which I haven't read fully yet). And because Filipinos are Filipinos, persons were teased (or bullied, whoever side you're on), feelings were hurt, and lo and behold, an additional clause for the the cybercrime law was born. 

What are the clauses of what the cybercrime law is against anyway?

Chapter Two of RA 10175 says that the law is against:
(a) Offenses against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems:
     It includes Illegal Access, which is accessing any part of a computer system without any right of doing so. It also includes Illegal Interception which the law defines as "the interception made by technical means without right of any non-public transmission of computer data to, from, or within a computer system including electromagnetic emissions from a computer system carrying such computer data."
     The third sub-clause is on Data Interference, which is intentionally altering, damaging, deleting data "without right". This also includes computer virus transmission and introduction. The fourth sub-clause is System Interference, which the bill defines as intentionally altering/hindering computer function or network function. And that's done by"inputting, transmitting, damaging, deleting, deteriorating, altering or suppressing computer data or program, electronic document, or electronic data message, without right or authority, including the introduction or transmission of viruses."

So far, it seems a pretty great law to pass, right? The clauses will prove to be quite useful, especially for companies and certain individuals. For instance, there's a sub-clause that tackles what the law calls Cyber-squatting, or "the acquisition of a domain name over the internet in bad faith to profit, mislead, destroy reputation, and deprive others from registering the same". It may also potentially protect people from Computer-related Forgery, Fraud, and Identity Theft. Additionally, it also prohibits Cybersex and Child Pornography. Oh, and Unsolicited Commercial Communications (i.e. spam e-mails). 

What's the issue here, then?

Now, from what I've heard and what I've read, the sub-clause Computer Fraud would be the clause related to libel. In this case, it's just another word for cyber libel. My brother and I had been discussing why libel is such a crime in the country. I told him that it really has something to do with culture. We're a people used to saving face; our reputation is important to us. Females don't want to be called certain terms. Families keep mum about what's really going on just to protect their names. The public may not be as forgiving when it comes to labels and their scrutiny of you.

Within the past few months, there have been a lot of memes and even groups dedicated to poking fun at certain legislators. It still is a pressing issue, and the fact that sub-clause number six has been added to the bill has made this blow out of proportion. What disappoints me is that even though most clauses of the law would prove to be useful, with proper execution, the sub-clause on Computer Fraud feels like it was added out of mere impulsiveness and anger. What's more, this sub-clause might one day be impractical, seeing as the term "libel" can be so misleading and arbitrary. How this bill is being handled makes a lot of people so dismayed and shocked. Legislators should not be using their positions of power for their own benefit, or use it as a bitter response against critics. 

I still have my fears about RA 10175, though. How would it be implemented? Will I still have a voice? Will this lead to censorship? I hope our senators earnestly listen to The People, taking note of our concerns--because what the law really is about protecting the country's citizens. 


For Ma'am Ianthe

I received a text message an hour ago in the hospital. In a haze of sleep, I decided to ignore it and check my phone later, expecting that it would be something trivial.

But reality often defies expectations.  Because an hour later, I read something I wish I’d never even read again: “DSCTA will have a memorial service for Ma’am Ianthe, 7 pm tomorrow at St. Peter’s Chapel, Q. Ave.

Maybe it was denial, disbelief, or my inability to process that one of my favorite professors was gone, but I had to ask. Ma’am Ianthe?!? Adding to my shock was the fact that she had passed away this morning. It’s understandable to be saddened, dismayed, or even angry to hear that a person you’ve known that well is now gone. It’s different from say, a person you have a limited link to dies. There’s unspoken detachment and recognition that this is the cycle of life. It’s different when a loved one dies. I’d rather not discuss that. When a professor dies, it’s also quite unlike anything else.

A professor’s not quite a mother, a hero, or simply someone who teaches a certain subject skillfully.  It’s something quite out of the ordinary. Imagine admiring someone, putting them up on a pedestal, and taking what you learn by heart. Ma’am Ianthe was like that to me, and maybe to a lot of people. I have to tell everyone what she made me do, because she was that brilliant. I was in her Speech 136 class with a great bunch of people and I didn’t treat it as an obligation. It was more than a subject. You begin with this determination for self-improvement, but you end up wanting to make Ma’am Ianthe proud of your improvement. You end up rooting for your classmates instead of competing with them. You end up loving the course, even if it isn’t simply a course to you anymore.

But now, she’s gone.

I’m not sure what to feel. Should I be reminded of my mortality? I can ponder on that and wonder if any life has any significance. Surely, that would be the easiest route. I can probably say that life is harsh with death and not the opposite. Why? Because life simply goes on. The world doesn’t stop for a single one. It may be easy to say that this proves how we are of no consequence. When our breathing stops and our blood runs cold, everything we have done or own is immaterial.

But I do think that’s not the case.

I was born a cynic yet I’m contradicting myself. However, I don’t really care. What I care about is that one life is never insignificant or worthless or immaterial. Ma’am Ianthe has made an impact in my life. She has been making an impact in many lives. And what she has been teaching will carry over to our careers or maybe even our children and grandchildren. (Yes, I had to say that. She was that great of a professor.). And really, if that isn’t significant, I’m not sure what is.

                Bye, Ma’am Ianthe, and thank you.