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"Gold is fickle, gold is fleeting, gold is fun."

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So I took an online test (test not mine) so as to help me concretize the belief system that I hold. I'd rather not check the results, but analyze my answers instead.

Are you in awe of the beauty and power of nature?
-Yes, but those feelings aren’t that significant to me
Come to think of it, sometimes I do admire the beauty of a cloud, but then I don't thank a 'Creator' for its essence.

When you look at the Milky Way or at Hubble photographs what do you feel?
 -I get on with my life on earth and am indifferent to the Universe
I think the answer to this should be, "I always feel insignificant compared to the Universe. What a tiny speck I am! What a universe we have! Ooh, look--a God!" However, I don't think I'm naturally one of those people. Again, I marvel at creation at times and then the only kind of insignificance I feel is the cynical kind.

How many gods do you believe in?
   -Not sure
I'll probably say that I believe in one 'God', one supreme Being that created the Universe

Which of these best describes your view about afterlife?
   -Not sure
None of us has been to hell or heaven and back. Those who believe otherwise have a lot of faith, then.

What is your attitude to Pagan gods, spirits and magick?
-Pagan Gods, spirits and magick are of no use to me and I don’t believe in them.
Look, I respect the people who do. I really do. In fact, I believe in multiculturalism. But I just don't. If there's something otherworldly about something, I believe one has a right to question the validity of otherworldly truth.

What is your attitude to Nature and the environment?
-Nature and the environment are important for human survival, but I don't have any special feelings towards them.
More particularly, nature and the environment are tangible, inexorable, and finite. As to how I should "feel" about them, do refer to questions one and two.

What is your view on how God and the Universe are connected?
-Not sure
God may be a space being, floating around the Universe; but for me, one could never really know. Did he create that particular Universe? Was he already part of that universe? And why should I continue to be gender-sensitive when considering this god? (What I'm pointing out is that can this god be a woman?)

What's the connection between the human mind or spirit, and the brain?
-I don't think we can really know.
For clarity, see next question.

Is the basic stuff of the universe physical, spiritual or both?
-Reality is made of matter. Period.


 I don't think belief in a god is a choice at all, I would rather think of it as an experience. And like all experiences, the spiritual experience can end or, like others, it can just continue.
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